Steph, 30 from Riverside Dogging in CA

When we compiled our list of top places that love Dogging in the USA for August, California was well stacked. Today, it’s time to unveil the Riverside Dogging in CA scene which was second in the list. To help us we’ve enlisted the services of Steph (and her hubby) who are keen swingers and doggers.

“Tall, slender, attractive blonde Married swinger wife. Always looking for the next adventure. I love making videos and being the center of attention. Being voyeuristic excites me and I love the idea of my husband watching me meet, suck and fuck several men in public while he films and participates. Would prefer attractive men age 18 to 45. I never play without my husband so please don’t ask.”

To make contact you can send an IceBreaker directly to Steph in our members area

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